Who we are

MAN CHEMICAL transacts chemical and commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.

Man Chemical is a regional specialty chemical company that delivers a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, that are found in products people use every day. Man Chemical is focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.

With our experience accumulated for over decades we pride ourselves as an important link between our suppliers and customers. With the assistance of its subsidiaries, MAN CHEMICALS keep their suppliers and customers up-to-date regarding the most current international trends and provide an all-important advantage.

Our Step

Man chemical are transporting materials to 35 countries within 5 years.

Our People

We have team from multi-countries, and team is our most important strength.

Our Vision

Man energy is focusing on the new energy project with technical solution.

Our Value

To be man, to be the right man, with honesty, integrity, duty, high performance.

Our Story

  1. In 2004, Manchem International Trading LLC is established in Sharjah, UAE. The partners decided to make this company as one professional chemical company in UAE, and serve local customers.
    We have local stock facility in Sharjah from the start, and focus on detergent, food, cosmetics, water treatment, petrochemical, pharmacy and so on.
  2. We started to supply the biggest detergent manufacturer in UAE with raw chemical materials. And We also built our own logistic chain from China to UAE,to keep delivery on time, and provide next-day call-off delivery service.
  3. We seperated office and warehouse, and in 2006, we also explored market of cosmestics industry, and become the stable supplier of some the key players in UAE.IN this year, we launched the brand of "RIAN" for TAED, and started to supply in local, for improving dissolving capacity of detergent in cold water.
  4. Our in-out materials arised to 3,000mt monthly in 2007, sepcially in sodium sulphate anhydrous, we became on of the main suppliers in UAE. In 2007, We enlarged the warehouse facility, and explore the gulf market for raw chemicals for detergent, and we also became the main supplier in Oman for detergent raw materials.
  5. We studied the demand and requirement of soda ash in UAE, and cooperated with sinopec soda ash plant in China, to produce the good quality soda ash for UAE market, and sucessfully entered into Emirates floating glass supply chain, become the second supplier after Ansac in UAE.
  6. We optmized our quality of sodium sulphate anhydrous according to Unilever requirements, and became the global supplier in unilever, for non-organic chemical materials after strick testing and trial production.Our materials is honored to serve the people through the brand OMO.
  7. We attended the bueatyworld exhibition and invited to become the supplier in Namz group for cosmetics raw materials, we produces and services are classified top level for the key clients in UAE, and we also started to export our materials to Nigeria market.
  8. Our team was trained for ISO 9001:2008, and implemented this standard into daily work and documentation. In 2011, we passed through verification from Ukas, BSI for standard of ISO 9001:2008. The implementation of ISO standard brings us into higher level in management and service to customer.
  9. We opened company with the name "Man Chemical Limited", and in charge of marketing in global,and do the transaction efficially. And in 2012, we registered our company into Unilever Vietnam, and Philipine. Meanwhile, Man Chemical Limited is becoming our head quarter for international trading business.
  10. Our Company was registered supplier in Dubai government in facility materials supply. We signed the whole year contract with Dubai municipality for materials supply, and gave reliable solution for supplying materials and implementation of materials in pubilc area.
  11. We designed our own washing powder, with innovative formulation, all nature and anti-bacteria is the main function, it is the first washing powder for underware, care for baby and women, and all sensitive skin. This washing powder has already exported to UAE, and explore yeman market through the red cross society.
  12. In 2015, cooperated with and technically supported by Divine Energy, We established green energy contracting company with name: Man Energy LLC. It focused on green energy solution to local government and society, providing high efficent technical solution, and energy saving package, especially for contracting business in solar enenrgy project and energy saving project.
  13. Man chemical invested in Jurong, China in 2016, to open operating office with name: Jurong MAN International Trading Co.,LTD, it is associating with Man chemical in UAE in purchasing, quality control, sales of oil products. It extremely improves our efficiency of work which relates with Chinese sourcing channel and market.
  14. Through our hard work, and professional experience, Adnoc head quarter registers our company as official buyer for sulphur, fuel oil, and other oil products. It will greatly encorage the whole team to work harder to bridge the resources between China and UAE. We also decided to change the company name from manchem international trading llc to man chemical llc for profession.
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